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Miso Soup Set

Miso Soup Set

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The Miso Set comprises red and white miso paste, each meticulously crafted from 100% Japanese ingredients. Our miso is prepared from organic soybeans and rice, undergoing a two-year fermentation process that yields a profound, umami-rich flavor profile. Employ the red miso for robust, bold flavors, while the white miso lends sweetness and delicacy to your dishes.

In addition, this set offers dashi, tofu, and dried wakame, providing you with all the essential ingredients to perfect your next bowl of miso soup.

  • Miso(750g/26oz) x 2kinds
  • Donko Shiitake (62g/2.18oz) x 1pk
  • Dashi x 1box
  • Wakame x 1 bag
  • Tofu x 1pk
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