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Kanefuku Mentaiko (Spicy Cod Roe) / Tarako (Salted Cod Roe)

Kanefuku Mentaiko (Spicy Cod Roe) / Tarako (Salted Cod Roe)

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With this bundle, you can enjoy both Tarako and Mentaiko!

Mentaiko (Spicy Cod Roe)

Mentaiko is a popular Japanese dish. Pollock roes are marinated in powdered chile and spices, giving them a rich umami flavor and characteristic red appearance. It is a common element in pasta and onigiri, and may be eaten on its own, with rice or noodles (rice balls).

Tarako (Salted Cod Roe)

Tarako are uncooked pollock roes that have just been seasoned with salt and are usually a neutral pink or beige tint. It's a versatile roe that's also used in Korean and Russian dishes.

  • Mentaiko & Tarako 145g x 1 pack each
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