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Japanese Snack Assortment Box

Japanese Snack Assortment Box

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Enjoy A Taste Of Japan! The Premium Japanese Snack Assortment Box. No Subscriptions & Free Shipping within the 48 Contiguous United States.

One of the great options for birthday , Christmas, Valentine's Day gift and many more.

While some of the snacks may change by season, you’ll always get awesome snacks of the same value and quantity.

Brand: Bourbon
Janet Potato Chips (Salted)

Just launched in Japan in September of 2021, these potato chips have a unique texture that loosens in the mouth while maintaining a crispy, hard chewiness.

Couques D'asse

Slim, sweet cookies layered with chocolate and Matcha filling.

Oven Baked Chestnut Cookies

You can enjoy the crispy texture and subtle sweetness of chestnuts that only oven-baked cookies can offer.

Brand:Yamawaki Seika
Peanut Karinto

Karinto is a Japanese deep-fried snack, usually made from a yeasted dough covered with brown sugar. No artificial sweeteners, synthetic colors, preservatives, or antioxidants are used, this Karinto is popular with the savory flavor of peanuts.

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