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Fresh Japanese Soba, Tsuyu Dipping Sauce & Nori Set

Fresh Japanese Soba, Tsuyu Dipping Sauce & Nori Set

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This award-winning fresh soba comes as a set with premium nori and tsuyu dipping sauce so that you have all the ingredients to enjoy a staple Japanese noodle dish.

Soba has a long history and is said to have been introduced since the Nara period (710-794). It contains 50% buckwheat flour, which gives it a strong flavor and a firm texture. It can be served with cold dipping sauce on hot days or warm dipping sauce on cold days. This set is ready-to-eat and convenient.

  • 14 Serving / Soba 200g x 7pk / Tsuyu 1 bt / Nori x 1pk (5 Sheets) OR 24 Serving / Soba 200g x 12pk / Tsuyu 1 btl / Nori x 1pk (5 Sheets)
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