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Shoyu Ramen 2 servings & Shio Ramen 2 servings set - Hachioji Craft Ramen

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    Hachioji Shoyu Ramen

    chicken base soup with special soy sauce blend, pork chashu, bamboo shoots, naruto(thin fish cake) and chopped onions

    Hachioji Shio Ramen

    chicken and pork base soup with special salt blend, pork chashu, bamboo shoots, naruto(thin fish cake) and chopped onions

    *This meal kit is perishable. Immediately refrigerate all packages until ready to cook. Please consume within a week. If you store the meal kit in the freezer, it can last even longer — at least One month.

    Ramen Kit Includes:

    • Ramen Broth
    • Ramen Noodles
    • Pork Chashu
    • Bamboo Shoots
    • Naruto (Thin Fish Cake)
    • Chopped Onions

    Recommended Garnishes Not Included

    • Soft-boiled egg
    • Boiled Spinach

    Preparation and Cooking Instructions

    1. Boil 12 cups of water in a pot
    2. Heat up soup broth pack for 10 min in a separate pot of boiling water. Add the contents of the topping bag into the pot at the last minute.
    3. Put the frozen noodles carefully into boiling water. Gently stir the noodles to make sure they do not stick together. Cook for 2 minutes. Drain water through a strainer.
    4. Combine noodles and soup in a bowl. Add your favorite extra toppings (Recommended: boiled spinach, boiled egg)

    Food Allergy Notice

    Please be advised that this product may contain these ingredients; Wheat, Soybeans, Fish and Egg

    Hachioji Craft Ramen

    Hachioji Craft Ramen opened in 2018 a few doors down from Daikokuya. But don’t worry, they’re not in direct competition as they’re the same restaurant group. And Hachioji serves ramen with a chicken broth base. No pork ramen here! Hachioji Craft Ramen into a more modern ramen enterprise playing off the flavors of Tokyo, rather than just operating under the usual Daikokuya banner and menu.

    Hachioji ramen is not just a name but in fact a type of ramen that originated in Hachioji, Tokyo. It's known for its shoyu based soup, and finely chopped onion topping, which is not very common in any other types of ramen in Japan. Hachioji Craft Ramen has elevated the classic Hachioji ramen and added shio (salt) based soup to their variation.

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