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Wild Caught Premium Sashimi | Super Frozen - 4 Selection Box

Wild Caught Premium Sashimi | Super Frozen - 4 Selection Box

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Umami Kit brings to you state of the art technology with "Proton Freezing". Now you can enjoy "Wild Caught" fresh sashimi at home through delivery! Due to this specific freezing technology, sashimi is frozen and stored at its freshest state.

We're offering a 4-fish sashimi platter:

  • Tuna Akami (3 oz. from Australia or Mexico or South Africa)
  • Golden Eye Snapper / Kinmedai (3 oz. from Japan)
  • Horse Mackerel / Maaji (3 oz. from Japan)
  • Fresh Octopus (3 oz. from Hokkaido Japan)

*Daikon Radish and Lemon are not included for this set
*In stock but may require an extra 5 days to process

Contents: Comes with all five varieties / Serves about three people
Delivery: Exclusive to the entire continental USA; Overnight Frozen Goods Delivery. Dry Ice will also be shipped

During the conventional process of freezing food, the water expands as it's freezing, destroying the cells of the food. When thawed, the water melt removes the umami flavor. With proton freezing, electromagnetic waves, a magnetic force, and cold air is used to "freeze" the food. This allows the texture and taste to remain the same as before the frozen state.

Enjoy a nice meal or a special day with some loved ones with some delicious, fresh sashimi.

Product Requirements

This item is perishable, so you must put in the freezer immediately after receiving.

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