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Deux Sortes et Café

Deux Sortes et Café

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Japanese cookies and gold leaf instant coffee

Fine cookies with rich butter flavor. It has a rich smell of Vanilla, which enhances the flavor of the cookie. The production was completed finally after 3 years. It is carefully crafted and has a unique crispy but tender texture.

This cookie has achieved its sweetness without using any butter, but with multiple types of nuts. You can taste the richness of the roasted almond and macadamia nuts and their sweetness. The formation of each cookie is done completely by hand and made with lots of care.

Instant Coffee with Gold Leaf:
The gold leaf comes up to the surface as you prepare this instant coffee. The coffee has a mild flavor and leaves a fine aftertaste. It is perfect for when you have guests or when you’re enjoying your quality time alone.

  • L'espoir   x 1box  (2 x 12 pk)
  • Drycapot x 1box  (2 x 12 pk)
  • Instant Coffee with Gold Leaf  (1can/20 servings)
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