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Daiko Foods Noriten Snack - Wasabi Flavor 75g Set of 2

Daiko Foods Noriten Snack - Wasabi Flavor 75g Set of 2

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Best Before: June 19, 2023

If you're a fan of crispy chips with a hint of wasabi and a love for nori seaweed, you simply must try the Daiko Noriten Nori Seaweed Tempura Chips!

Experience the delightful crunch of tempura batter combined with the essence of nori seaweed. We meticulously select our nori seaweed from the Seto Inland Sea near Hiroshima, ensuring top-notch quality. These chips strike the perfect balance of savory saltiness, never overwhelming your taste buds. The salt we use is sourced from Ako City in Hyogo Prefecture.

Daiko Noriten features square-shaped tempura batter chips, each one adorned with a sheet of nori seaweed. Indulge in the light and crispy texture of the batter while savoring the delightful oceanic aroma emanating from the nori.

Although they are a fried snack, these chips aren't as greasy as you might expect. They offer a harmonious blend of oceanic flavors and just the right amount of saltiness.

Pair these tempura snacks with your favorite alcoholic beverages for an exceptional combination. Once you experience the irresistible combination of these chips with your drink of choice, you won't be able to resist reaching for more.

  • Ingredients: Tempura powder (wheat flour, salt), vegetable oil, nori seaweed (from Setouchi), starch, egg white, wasabi seasoning, salt, spices, eggshell powder
  • Nutrition Facts: Energy 584kcal, protein 8.3g, fat 40.9g, carbohydrate 45.6g, sodium 2.8g
  • Potential allergens: Wheat, egg
  • Product of Japan
  • NET WT 75g
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