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    Wagyu A4 Strip Loin 20mm Cut 1lb avg. (454g)

    Strip Loin (striploin) is the one of the most popular part of the meat. The part is also called Sirloin - usually does not contain much muscle part, highly refined, and well-marbled.

    • A4 class wagyu - A4 is the 2nd highest grade in Wagyu beef.
    • Average weight for this product is 1lbs (454g)
    • This item is delivered frozen and uncooked. Please do not eat as raw/frozen/uncooked.
    • Country of Origin: Japan

    Menu & Applications

    When defrosting, take it out of the packaging first, then wrap it with water absorbing paper and slowly defrost in the refrigerator to minimize discoloration and drip.

    Pork Jowl Skewers 16 pieces, 1lb (454g)

    This product is a skewered bite-sized pork jowl.After defrost, cook at the grill and season as you like; sauce, salt, and more. Skewering the pork takes a skill and effort, yet this product allows to serve anyone the professional-style.

    • Size: 1lbs (454g)
    • Country of Origin: Mexico

    How to cook

    Grill in oven or toaster oven for 3-9 minutes.
    Grill on BBQ or Torch Burner.

    Miyako Yakitori Chicken Skewers 8 pieces, 14.4oz (400g)

    Yakitori is a classic menu at Izakaya. This product is a skewered bite-sized chicken thigh. Best if cooked on a grill, with many choices for seasoning, from yakitori sauce, salt, etc. Packaged in a small tray and easy to store. Skewering chicken for yakitori takes time and effort, but with this product you can enjoy professional-style yakitori at your home.

    • 8 pieces, 14.4oz (400g)
    • Country of Origin: USA

    Berkshire Arabiki Coarse Sausage 8 pieces, 8oz (226.8g)

    Premium quality Kurobuta Sausage made from Kurobuta Pork. Kurobuta sausages are smoked and fully cooked so every bite is met with a snap texture, smokey aroma, and rich flavor. Grill, boil, or microwave to enjoy the best Kurobuta sausage. Perfect side dish with drinks.

    • Manufacturer: Ajishoku Foods
    • 8 pieces, 8oz (226.8g)
    • Country of Origin: USA

    Product Requirements

    This item is perishable, so you must put in the freezer or refrigerator immediately after receiving.

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