About Us

We believe nothing portrays culture more closely and directly than food. One of the most accessible aspects of culture, food can teach you a lot about a culture - beyond just simply taste. From the origins of an ingredient, to the reason behind the combination of flavors - each dish tells a story. You can learn a lot about what a culture holds important and about the history from a recipe. Japan views food as an art, food is beyond just something to eat. It's sustenance, the way things are made and the ingredients used are valued as much as taste.

That's why "Umami Kit" was created. To share in the many different flavors and styles that make up Japanese cuisine, so that more people can appreciate Japanese culture. Umami Kit was created by HIS, a Japanese travel agency. As a travel agency, we wanted to find a way to share more about Japan's beauty, especially during a time like this. Designed with you in mind, our goal is to bring a bit of the Japanese culture right to your doorstep through food. Umami Kit has convenient, pre-made Japanese meal kits designed to make your life simpler and just a bit more delicious. Some only require warming up, some you will have fun partially cooking the food yourself.

We did not make this a subscription, so that you can pick and enjoy only what you wish. Every meal offered through Umami Kit is designed by authentic Japanese chef/restaurant/companies

Craving a delicious home cooked meal? Or perhaps Japanese food is hard to come by and you need some delicious and accessible delicious Japanese food. We have what you're craving for. Please enjoy the delicate but flavorful Japanese cuisine.

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Choose from our wide variety of deliciously clean meal kit at manageable prices.


Our premium ingredients come pre-measured and prepped, saving you time. All you have to do is follow easy step-by-step instructions with photos and videos.


Go ahead, pat yourself on the back. You'll be amazed by the tasty, restaurant-worthy meal you cooked.