Wagokoro Castella Sakura

Wagokoro Castella Sakura is a souvenir only found in Japan. This sweet is based on the Japanese traditional pastry, castella!

Castella is now popular all over the world. In Japan, castella is classified as a Japanese confectionery, but it actually has its roots in Western confectionery. 

Did you know that?

In the 16th century, Western confectioneries were introduced to Japan from Portugal along with guns, tobacco, and etc. Then a Japanese confectioner adapted this Western confectionery to Japanese taste, and Castella was born.

Have you ever tried castella?

It is a delicious sweet with a beautiful yellow color, fluffy texture and nostalgic sweetness. Wagokoro Castella Sakura was devised to make such castella even more delicious! Amazingly, this sweet added Sakura flavor  to castella!

Sakura is a typical Japanese landscape, so maybe it is easy to imagine the scenery of Sakura.

However, can you imagine the taste of Sakura…? It might be a little more difficult.
Actually, it’s hard even for Japanese people to explain the Sakura flavor… The quickest way to get a taste of the Sakura flavor is to actually eat it! The Sakura flavor has scents of leaves and petals of Sakura. Japanese people feel Sakura by eating the Sakura flavor.

Wagokoro Castella Sakura is a masterpiece with a combination of castella, which was uniquely developed in Japan, and Sakura, which has long been loved in Japan.

Please try it!

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