Osaka Croissant Pie

Osaka Croissant Pie (60g) Set of 2

Have you heard about Osaka? Do you know where it is located? What is it famous for? Well, come with us and we will introduce you to all these things!

Osaka is in Kansai, a region located in central Japan. The largest city in western Japan and home to a lot of attractions and famous snacks, including takoyaki and okonomiyaki.

However, a fun fact that probably most people do not know is that Osaka is considered “The Nation’s Kitchen” since Edo period (around 1700). The reason is that important goods, including food and rice, were frequently bought and sold in Osaka. Rice was sent from Osaka to all over Japan to support Japanese food.

After this brief introduction about Osaka, let’s talk about Osaka Croissant Pie.

Osaka Croissant Pie is a unique and crispy pie from Osaka. When you eat it, the crispy pie and sweet maple flavor will fill your mouth.

The company that produces Osaka Croissant Pie, works in multiple areas selling their souvenir products in airport stores, expressway service areas, and sightseeing spots, mainly in Osaka Prefecture. They want to provide you memories of the trip to Osaka.

Do you feel like having this tasty croissant pie?

Take a chance, go ahead, and get yours!

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