Nobunaga Ebi Shoppai

Nobunaga Ebi Shoppai is a souvenir only available in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.

Have you ever been to Nagoya? Nagoya is located in the center of Japan. 

Amazingly, Nobunaga Oda, the famous warlord who tried to unify Japan, was born and raised in Nagoya! That’s why the packaging of this souvenir is gold after Nobunaga, who liked to stand out.

Nobunaga Ebi Shoppai consists mainly of shrimp crackers and palmier pie. 

Shrimp crackers are called “Ebisenbei” in Japan, and it is a specialty of Aichi Prefecture. Ebi senbei is a traditional Japanese snack with a history of more than 100 years. It is crispy, slightly salty and savory.

Palmier pies, on the other hand, are a sweet pastry born in the West. They have airly, flaky texture and sweet buttery taste. Nobunaga Ebi Shppai tried a  unique combination of shrimp crackers and palmier pie! 

Are you interested in trying this flavor?

When you put it in your mouth, the buttery flavor spreads with a crispy texture, followed a little later by the salty taste of the shrimp crackers. Nobunaga Ebi Shoppai contains the charms of Aichi and Nagoya. The savory smell that wafts through the air when you open the bag of snacks will make you feel Japan.

All individually wrapped, 8 pieces per pack. Perfect for sharing with family and friends!

Please give it a try!

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